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Help St. David's Celebrate Father Dean!

Help us celebrate Rev. Dean Taylor on his last Sunday, May 9th. We not only want to honor the gift of his ministry here at St. David's but are also excited to congratulate him on his upcoming retirement.

If you are unable to make it to a service that morning, all are invited to attend a celebratory "drive-thru farewell" from 9:15 - 10:00 a.m., where you can personally express your best wishes to Dean.

Please also consider the following ways you might join in honoring Dean:

1. There's nothing like a heartfelt note! Express your gratitude in a card, which you can bring with you on May 9th, or send into the church at the address below.

2. If you would like to contribute to a parish gift (or love offering) the deadline is May 9. You can:

b. Bring or mail in a check (marked "Father Dean Offering") at:

St. David’s Finance Office

1015 Old Roswell Rd.

Roswell, GA 30076

We are so grateful for the leadership that Dean has provided during this season in our parish life. This is our chance to make sure he knows just how much we appreciate him!


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