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Our Campus

St. David's Memorial Garden

Our Memorial Garden, located in the southwestern portion of the campus, was dedicated in 1981. Within its confines,  the earthly remains of many of our faithfully departed are buried. Masses are routinely held in the garden on All Saint's Day, at sunrise on Easter Day, and occasionally during the church year. This tranquil, sacred space provides a place for meditation, prayer, worship, and escape from life’s daily stresses.

All who love and care for this sacred space are welcome to join and help us discern and create a ministry that will care for the Garden, and develop a long-term design plan for the space.

New Interment Directory

After 3 years of research, data entry and building, we have completed the Interment Directory located in St. David’s Memorial Garden. The directory has a page for each of those interred in the Garden. Please take the time to find your loved one in the directory and let us know if you would like any revisions. 


Many thanks to those who came together to make the Directory happen:

  • Matt Koetzle created and built the beautiful box. In addition, Matt made a new sign for the Memorial Garden.

  • Carolyn Davis entered the names of those interred to create our database of names.

  • Anne Hungerford contributed hours of research to gather as much information as possible for each entry.

  • Karen Marshall was the wordsmith of the project and ordered the plaques for the box.


This needed project, generated from the heart, will serve those who visit the Memorial Garden in the years to come.


Jan Georges – Friends of the Garden

Karen Marshall – Friends of the Garden

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