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Two Year Olds


Three Days: Two Year Old Class: children 2 years of age by September 1


Two Year Old Class is for children who turn two on or before September 1st. The class meets consecutive days per week class Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9:30am-1:00pm.  Class size is limited to 12 Student with 2 teachers.

Click here for Developmental Objectives Two Year Olds.

Children will be walked to the classroom at 9:30AM (unless the child attends the 8:30 Rooster Club Play Group) and picked up from the classroom by 1:00PM, or if they use the after preschool play group StayNPlay then they are collected from the playground at 2PM). 

Children arrive at preschool with a two handled labeled school bag that holds a change of clothing or diapers, and lunchbox filled with a light "nut-free" lunch and filled water bottle.

The classroom is divided into areas of play and learning with age appropriate toys and furniture, large carpeted area for free play and circle time, reading center, housekeeping area, discovery/free art activities, and a child-friendly bathroom. Teachers share lesson plans with parents weekly. Children are read to daily and have individual and group instruction time; art projects and games that support the theme based curriculum; and many skill building activities for areas of development. Children attend a Music and Movement class and go outdoors to play on the playground daily as weather permits. Classroom parents will provide the food for a “nut-free” mid-morning snack for the whole class on a rotation basis.

Children should be able to walk and talk. Teaching focus is on social interaction skills, fine motor, and early learning skills. Evaluations are given to parents in January and again in May.

St. David's Preschool follows Fulton County Schools calendar with the exception of the start and the end dates of the school year.

  • Annual Tuition is $2,850 and can be paid in 10 equal monthly payments of $285.

  • Due at the time of registration for new students is a registration fee of:  $125

  • A one-time Supply fee of $70 is due the first month of preschool.

  • Click Here to register.

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