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Media - Podcasts and Video

"That we might shine Christ’s light wherever God might call us"

St. David's offers numerous podcasts and video to supplement and enhance your spiritual growth.


Play these directly from this page, or download them by clicking on the icon next to the podcast length.

What is a Podcast? St. David's podcasts are audio shows that focus on topics related to faith, spirituality, and religious beliefs. They often feature discussions, interviews, sermons, and teachings by experts in various religious traditions. These podcasts may cover a wide range of religious topics, including theology, ethics, morality, prayer, and meditation. These are a great way for people to connect with their faith and to explore new ideas and perspectives. Tune in at your convenience and from anywhere in the world, so you can stay engaged with this community and deepen your understanding of faith.

The Latest Videos - Click the Playlist Icon in the upper right corner of the video below to select from our video library.

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