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St. David's Children's Ministries

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Welcome to Children’s Ministry at St. David’s, a dynamic, intergenerational ministry seeking to fulfill the mission of the church: to unite all people to Christ and to one another, especially through ministry to the children and families of the parish, and to our neighboring community.

Children’s Ministry seeks to imagine, invite and grow relationships centered on a foundation of belonging and the assurance of God’s love for each of us; to connect, have fun together, pray, and learn the stories of Jesus and the Bible with St. David’s Family and friends.

We seek God’s grace and guidance and invite all to support the work, play, discovery, and growth of Children’s Ministry through the following practices:

  • To welcome all in Christian hospitality.

  • To grow in faith through the experience of a Sunday worship gathering for children to discover in faith, listen to one another, and learn together about God's gracious love for each of us and the world.

  • To grow in knowledge and joy through regular participation in a dynamic Sunday school and midweek Christian Education programs grounded in Biblical teaching, shared devotion, prayer, and the celebration of friendships.

  • To minister to one another, to listen to and learn from one another as a fundamental way to strengthen our bonds in Christian friendship and concern for others through activities that promote fun, empathy, fellowship, and outreach partnership.

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