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Thanks Be to God! St. David's May Return to Indoor Worship!

Hello, St. David’s friends,

I have some very good news that we have ALL been waiting to hear!

We’re going back in the Church!

On SUNDAY, March 21, (that’s a week from this Sunday), we will be worshiping back inside our beloved Sanctuary at St. David’s!

Like all other churches, we will of course be observing all the CDC guidelines: masks, bread only at communion, the pews will be marked for social distancing. Oh, and reservations are needed. We’ll go into those reservation details later, including service times, and whether we’ll still need outdoor services.

But we need to know from you, how comfortable you are with going inside at this time to help us plan.

So please, fill out this one questions survey here:

Please get it back to us as soon as possible. This will help us plan—or re-plan Holy Week and future services.

So, we will see you THIS SUNDAY—THE 14th—OUTSIDE at 10:30 a.m. as scheduled, and then NEXT SUNDAY - THE 21ST, in our beloved Sanctuary.

There are more details to follow but let us rejoice with this good news!

Rev. Dean Taylor

Interim Rector.


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