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Talent Blooms at Path To Shine

We’ve had two awesome guest speakers so far this semester. You can tell how well received they were by the Intense expressions and smiles on all the faces. 


Richard Morris took us to Africa for Black History Month and taught us about the rhythms, drums, and dancing that move us all. 

For Women’s History Month, Marilyn Schuster introduced us to Georgia O’Keefe and taught us how to paint sunflowers with acrylics. 

Every week at Path To Shine, we try to find the beauty in every one of the precious Mimosa students entrusted to our care. This mentoring program meets on Wednesdays from 2:30 to 5 and is one of St. David’s favorite ways of being neighborly. It helps kids discover their gifts, build their confidence, and improve their academic skills. In the process, all of us are blessed. 


We’re always looking for new mentors, substitute mentors, and snack providers. 

If you want in on the blessings, contact Patty Ormsby at 678-925-1422. 


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