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St. David's Shining a Brighter Light in Africa with Solar Light for Africa Mission

The 2023 Solar Light for Africa Adult Mission returned to Uganda with the first major 16-member team event since the COVID shutdown. Seven schools were electrified across central and northern Uganda, including the Nancy–Shaunti School for the Deaf in Lira, and several slum schools for the First Lady Janet Museveni in Kampala. Over 2,500 watts were installed to power 115 interior LED lights and 15 exterior security LED floodlights. By our estimation, over 2,500 Ugandan students, ages 5 – 18 years old, are now benefitting from the new lighting.

Lighting is important in reducing the fear from which these children often suffer, not just improving the classrooms. We installed security floodlights to light up the exterior of the schools, often lighting up access to the latrines. But many of the young children claim it is to keep the night dancers away. A night dancer is a thief or witch doctor some fear would kidnap children.

Above is the entire team in Lira, ready to install solar panels at the Nancy – Shaunti School for the Deaf. The Ugandan Minister of Health, Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng Ocero, is Pictured in the Center.

St. David's supports missions abroad and closer to home. We are conveniently located to Roswell, Alpharetta, Milton, Johns Creek, and Woodstock. If you are interested in getting involved and seeing how you can shine a brighter light to those around you, we invite you to join us online or in person!


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