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​Benefits of Singing in a Choir

Singing is a health-filled activity with tangible benefits.

  • Choir members’ camaraderie creates significant friendships.

  • Singing is the most natural way of music-making – our vocal instrument travels with us.

  • Learning and sharing music is a pleasurable stress reliever. Choirs realize awe-filled worship connections beyond verbal descriptions.

  • Choirs encourage learning, laughing, inspiring, and nurturing, together.

  • As a harmonious team endeavor, choirs are larger than the sum of the individual singers as we focus on worshipping God.

Plan now to sing with St. David’s choir this spring for a mountain-top Easter experience and soul-stirring Pentecost. Email Sue Mitchell-Wallace at, or call her office at 770-993-6084, Ext. 107, today for details!


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