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August's Ministry Spotlight - Path to Shine

At St. David’s, our closest neighbor, literally and figuratively, is Mimosa Elementary School. For the last 9 years, our parish has hosted Path to Shine, part of a statewide Episcopal Jubilee ministry with some 15 chapters in the Atlanta area. This one-day-a-week, after-school program helps develop precious minds and spirits with activities that include play time, food, homework, reading, crafts, and most importantly, fellowship.

We are looking for four more mentors for this Fall. We need volunteers who will serve as mentors, forming a one-on-one relationship that God uses to transform both mentor and mentee. We meet in the Jeffords Hall classrooms, Wednesdays, from 2:15 to 5 p.m. No experience needed. No financial commitment. Just a heart that’s open to God’s love.

The more mentors we have, the more children we can serve. So please, consider this call to be a better neighbor to the children next door. Also, as we enter a new school year and these children and families face enormous new pressures, please keep our children and mentors in your prayers.

​To volunteer or get more information, contact Judith Windsor.


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