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Ways to Be a Better Neighbor

Looking for a great opportunity to make a difference? Here are several ways to provide support to partners in need.

Habitat for Humanity

Please join the Habitat 2023 Ecumenical Build as we build a home from the ground up at 5360 Woodstock Rd in Acworth, GA for the Ramos family. No experience necessary. Habitat Site Supervisors and Crew Leaders will guide you as we build! You will enjoy fellowship and get to meet other individuals who are part of the Faith community.

To participate, please sign up at – Use reservation code: SDEC to access these reserved dates for St. David’s

March 4th – Siding/Ext paint 3 volunteers needed 8:45AM

April 1st- - Pre Landscape 4 volunteers needed 8:45AM

April 15th – Landscape 3 volunteers needed 8:45AM

Student Volunteers

Please note: All volunteers must be at least 16 years of age to work on a construction site. All volunteers under 18 years of age must bring a minor waiver form signed by your parent or guardian.


March Grocery List for NFCC

  • Cooking oil (32 oz)

  • Sugar (2 lb bag)

  • Cornmeal (2 lb bag)

  • Flour (2 lb bag)

Canned Milk:

  • Evaporated

  • Condensed

  • Coconut milk

Our Food Pantry neighbors cook! The above-mentioned items are seldom given but highly prized. Would you consider adding a cooking ingredient item to your weekly grocery list?

Just bring it to church! GENERAL FOOD PANTRY WORD TO THE WISE: Bigger is not usually better in the Pantry. If you give a large bag of sugar or cornmeal or flour, it must be broken down into smaller bags, using both plastic and time. If you give a 2 lb bag we can give it as is—no plastic, no labor. Likewise, if you give two ordinary size bottles of cooking oil (l32 oz) two families benefit.


Path to Shine

At St. David’s, our closest neighbor, literally and figuratively, is Mimosa Elementary School. For the last 9 years, our parish has hosted Path to Shine, part of a statewide Episcopal Jubilee ministry with some 15 chapters in the Atlanta area. This one-day-a-week, after-school program helps develop precious minds and spirits with activities that include play time, food, homework, reading, crafts, and most importantly, fellowship.

We are looking for mentors. We need volunteers who will serve as mentors, forming a one-on-one relationship that God uses to transform both mentor and mentee. We meet in the Jeffords Hall classrooms, Wednesdays, from 2:15 to 5 p.m. No experience needed. No financial commitment. Just a heart that’s open to God’s love.

The more mentors we have, the more children we can serve. So please, consider this call to be a better neighbor to the children next door. Also, as we enter a new school year and these children and families face enormous new pressures, please keep our children and mentors in your prayers.

​To volunteer or get more information, contact Judith Windsor.


The Toolbox Program at Mimosa Elementary

Toolbox is a program that teaches 5th graders how to use their hands and develop

woodworking skills. They learn to measure a piece of wood, cut it and assemble it into a useful

object by drilling holes, installing screws and hammering nails into it. This semester, they

will make a small wooden toolbox that they take home with them.

To support this program we need 5-7 volunteers, both men and women, to make it work.  It

requires attendance almost every Wednesday afternoon from 2:30 until 4:00 during the school year.  It helps to have some “Do It Yourself” skills, but really not necessary.  The volunteers are there to mentor the kids and make sure they follow the instructions. Retired teachers are really desirable as they know how to handle student behavior.

Loren Conrad is the point person at St David’s for this program and is currently actively involved in the program at Mimosa.  Please call him at 770-475-2097 to sign up or request more details. 


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