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NFCC Back to School Program

Yes, kids just got out of school. They are not thinking about the fall. But we are. St. David's participation in the North Fulton Community Charities backpack drive has been a tremendous help. We're gearing up for July.

This year, our focus is on high school students. Our goal is to produce 18 fully stocked backpacks to deliver to NFCC. The items and quantities are very specific. The youth group at St. David's has volunteered to do the sorting. Essentially helping their peer group.

Recipe for Success:

  • Please review the list of items here.

  • Decide what you can do.

  • Take one or more of the "backpack tickets" from the hallway window.

  • Deliver your items to the designated bins in the hallway.

  • Dates: July 3-24 for drop off. Our deadline to turn in completed packs is July 27.


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