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Important Invitation from Father Dean

DO YOU miss seeing your friends from St. David’s?

WOULD YOU like to see St. David’s come together spiritually on something we all share in common?

COULD YOU spend an hour each week in Lent learning more about Jesus?

St. David’s invites EVERYONE IN THE PARISH

to sign up for the

The “Simply Jesus” Project

The SJP (Simply Jesus Project) is a small-group Lenten opportunity to “get reintroduced” to your friends at St. David’s, to share and learn new things about Jesus, and to spiritually prepare not only for Easter but for the “new era” at St. David’s when our new rector arrives.

Here’s what to do:

Email and give your name (including spouse), phone number, and--this is very important—whether you would like to be in a virtual group or an in-person group.

You will be placed in a group of six fellow parishioners, who are similarly interested in either a virtual or in-person group. Each group will have a leader who will be responsible for setting a meeting time and place (for in-person groups) or setting a Zoom Meeting time (for virtual groups). Before each meeting, each group will watch a 15-minute video taken from the N.T. Wright series, Simply Jesus: A New Vision of Who He Was, and Why He Matters.

The first video will be supplied to group leaders on Friday, February 19 so that your group will have it available when it decides to meet. In-person groups will need to abide by the usual Coronavirus protocols: social distancing, masks, and preferably outdoor meeting places.

Please sign up by Wednesday, February 10!

Call Fr. Dean for details at 770-993-6084


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