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St. David's 2024 Annual Giving Campaign


A Message from the Stewardship Committee

In 2023, St. David’s aimed at a budget that would allow us to sustain our vital ministries and bring about a few needed changes. We hoped for additional fellowship events and streamlined technology, better care for our facilities, improved campus safety, and new mission partnerships. Due to your faithfulness, we’ve been able to achieve those goals and more over this year. Thank you, St. David’s!
2024 will be a year dedicated to walking in love: focused even more on worship, care, service, connection, and spiritual growth. We invite you to prayerfully consider how your financial gifts can help us meet our goals, pursue our common mission, and walk in love as Christ loves us.
– Your vestry, staff, and stewardship committee

- St. David's vestry, staff, and stewardship committee

Where Your Gifts Go


It Takes Everyone Doing Their Part

There are 621 households at St. David’s, representing over 1,400 people. In 2023, 297 households (48%) made a pledge to support our common mission. Pledged support totaled just under $1.53 Million. Here’s how we got there:


Why Giving Matters

Your Gift Matters
St. David’s is not supported by grants or endowments. Our ability to carry out God’s mission and purpose for this church is funded by your generosity.

Your Gifts Make a Difference
In addition to facilities, staff, and programs, your gifts allow us to partner with local, domestic, and international missions and ministries. From summer camps to alleviating the effects of childhood abandonment in Honduras, your gifts allow us to shine a brighter light in our community and the world.

Your Giving Is Faithful
There are thousands of Bible passages about money and stewardship, more than almost any other topic. Perhaps this truth is at the core: “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (Matt. 6:21). Giving to support the mission of the church is an expression of where your heart is and where your trust is.

What Next?

If St. David’s can meet or exceed its pledge goal for 2024, we can expect:

  • Additional, full-time clergy support

  • Needed upgrades to existing facilities

  • Additional resources for congregational care

  • New classes and programs to meet your spiritual

       growth needs

  • Continued support for our many ministries and

       outreach partnerships

Pledge Form

The Online Pledge form will be available October 28.

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