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The Way Forward

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Since August of 2021, St. David’s has been engaged in a discernment process which combines elements of traditional strategic planning with elements of group discernment and church leadership. Click here to read more about this journey as we name our need for discernment, discover all the possibilities, and engage our parish family as we discover God's dream for St. David's.  This is an exciting time for St. David's!  We ask that you keep St. David's and the Strategic Planning team in your prayers!

The Way Forward Update:
Draft Core Value Statements

As a part of our strategic discernment process, The Way Forward, we have developed the following language to define our core values. These statements will provide important guidance to what activity we pursue as we dream alongside God about our future. The language presented is representative of responses to a values survey sent to members of our governance committees (Finance, HR, etc.), each senior warden from the last 40 years, and our four strategic discernment teams, consisting of ministry leaders, vestry members, and staff members.   

There’s a place at the table for everyone. At the Altar, at the conference table, sharing meals, in the classroom – everyone has a place at the table at St. David’s. We desire your participation, and we invite you to bring your whole self to the table. We’ll make sure there’s room for you there.

Relationships come first. We believe reconciliation was the primary goal of Jesus’ work. In everything we do, our relationships come first. We want to ensure more person-to-person, heart-level connections through the ways we pursue our mission.

Love like Jesus. We will do our best to love God and our neighbor, always expanding the definition of “neighbor”. We strive to love not as the world loves, but as Jesus loves. We want to embody this love in everything we do. 

Unity over uniformity. Everyone’s different; we honor that. We don’t seek to be a group of people who think alike about everything; we desire to be people who share a common heart, a common purpose, and a fellowship of love. Being together in community is more important than political affiliation, tribal identity, or which sports team you cheer for. 

Tradition not traditionalism. We draw nourishment and stability from our deep roots in ancient traditions, without sacrificing flexibility. We aren’t a museum for church traditions but participants in a living faith, anchored by practices that have been honored since the time of Jesus' first followers.

While still in draft form, we welcome your feedback. Please reach out to Remington with any questions or comments.

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