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Becoming a Member

Come for a Visit, Stay for the Journey

How do I become a member?
We rejoice in all those who come to St. David’s. If you would like to make St. David’s your church home,  please stop by our Welcome Center at the main entrance of the Church to get a visitors packet. In the visitor’s packet, you will find a new member’s form. You may return the completed new members form to:

  • The church office - 1015 Old Roswell Rd., Roswell, GA. 30076

  • Place it in the wooden box located on the Welcome Desk just inside the front doors

Download the New Member Form here. If you are transferring your membership from another church, please complete the back of the new member form to request a transfer.

Who is a member of the Parish?

  • A baptized Christian.

  • A person who regularly attends.

  • A participant in the programs of the parish.

  • A person who regularly gives through a recorded pledge or gift – the 10% tithe is the standard.

Who is a Communicant?

  • A member of the Parish (description above)

  • A confirmed Episcopalian whose letter of transfer is at St. David’s.

How do I become an Episcopalian?
Members of St. David's come from a variety of religious backgrounds, and there are several ways one may join the Episcopal Faith:


Through Baptism - The Episcopal Church considers that anyone who has been baptized with water in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, in any Church or denomination, is welcomed as a baptized member of the Episcopal Church. Children, as well as adults, may be baptized.

Through Transfer - Those who have already been baptized may become members by transferring from another church or denomination.

Through Confirmation - Adult baptized members become confirmed members through the Sacrament of Confirmation. Sixteen is usually considered the earliest age for Confirmation, which involves prayers and the laying on of hands by a Bishop.

Through being Received - Those who have been confirmed in another denomination may become a confirmed communicant of the Episcopal Church by Reception.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please call the Church office at 770-993-1094, ext. 104.

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